This may very well be the last year of Petye's Pumpkin Patch and Reapers Haunted Attractions due to the change made by the previous government to the Agricultural land reserve as it pertains to Agri tourism& events!

The number 1 rule is that no existing buildings are allowed to be used for " non farm events" even tough our greenhouses are so well built and are much safer to be used than a tent in the field!

We will try to figure out a way to keep the pumpkin patch going and make it as much fun as it is today but with all the unrealistic regulations from the agricultural land commission it may be impossible.

My thought on this is it's okay to grow pot, make wine or beer but family fun is just not allowed, thank you very much to people who sit on these committees and make up these ridiculous rules!!

We have worked very hard over the past 26 years in building this farm into a safe, fun family events farm for our community and many surrounding communities and it breaks our hearts that we will no longer be able to do this and we would like to thank all of our past and present customers for your support and love we will miss you all.

If there is a way to get through this we will let you know as we are trying to get these ridiculous rules changed in the near future.